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  • Idea-Connection
    Based in Canada, Idea-Connection Speakers Bureau provides speakers for all of North America. Nicely designed web site includes helpful information form and toll free number.
  • Spotlight Speakers & Entertainment
    Based in Indianapolis, Spotlight Speakers & Entertainment is a clean easy to use site that showcases a wide variety of talent. The agency provides a hands on approach for clients.
  • Steven Barclay Agency
    One of the best web sites,it represents the agencys work with some of the worlds most important and thought-provoking authors.Provides lectures,readings, workshops and conferences for wide varriety of meetings and events.
  • AEI Speakers Bureau
    The AEI web site needs help.This one needs to get fixed,it has a great list of sports and celebrity speakers.Unfortunately, the web site contains poor quality information,links under construction,awful music that kept on playing even after leaving the site.This one needs to start over.
  • KeySpeakers Bureau
    This site starts off very well and is a clean easy to use resource.Offers useful information for both aspiring speakers and meeting planners.Includes a speaker request and search page.
  • Celebrity Speakers International
    Leading agency based in the UK, Celebrity Speakers offers speaker management and marketing. The CS Limited group also manages speakers and performers in the UK and Europe. This site takes a useful approach and represents the agency consultative services.
  • Jostens Speakers Bureau
    A highly specialized agency, JSB provides public speakers for students, educators, and parents.Nicely designed site offers a speaker request form and catalogue of speakers for middle and secondary educational institutions.
  • Burns Sports Celebrity Service
    Provides an expert review of sports celebrities for speaking engagements, commercial endorsements, and personal appearances.Sports leader with 27 years succesful experience with all major sports celebrities.
  • Washington Speakers Bureau
    Washington Speakers Bureau web site is very comprehensive and practical.This is a nice showcase for the list of distinguished world leaders,authors and sports hero speakers it represents. Easy to use online service and solutions from the industry leader.
    CANSPEAK has been in business for over 10 years with several locations across Canada.Nicely designed site with topic and speaker sections that are helpful and focused mostly on Canadian speakers.This is a site to watch.
  • VisionaryVoices
    One of the best sites has it all. Includes video streaming on demand by VDO live.This a focused site and has speakers products,articles and review information on selected speakers.A site to watch.
  • National Speakers
    National Speakers has been providing motivational speakers since 1972.The site has a helpful page on meeting planner resources and an excellent speaker search page.Company profile notes its early history as the National Speakers Bureau ,and its start booking motivational speakers.
  • NewInformation Presentations
    Provides information or video tapes on a wide variety of speakers.Includes a request form and a page of topics that link to featured speakers,with photos.
  • The London Speakers Bureau
    European oriented speakers' bureau for business, management and political speakers. This London based agency has partners in the South Africa, and Australia and has a strait forward approach.And, they offer to take you for tea at The Ritz when you come to there city!
  • Republic Speakers Bureau
    Easy to use web site from Nashville,check out the featured speakers and the Nashville bound page.This site is worth a visit.
  • Professional Speakers' Bureau
    PSB from Ontario is a great web site.It offers an evaluation and procurement service for professional and celebrity speakers with an easy to use well designed format.Includes updated news articles on speakers thats helpful and focused.
  • International Speakers Bureau
    This site is very full and seems to have to much going on. It contains videos on speakers and entertainers,includes macromedia,flash and audio clipps from the ISB staff.Reviews from a meeting planner on top rated speakers.
  • Celebrity Speakers
    Upbeat international speakers agency based in New Zeland provides current information and helpful tips.Includes online interactivity contests and audio resources for speakers.
  • Susan Rallings Speakers and Trainers Bureau
    Useful web site it offers a search service to get the right guest speakers,trainers and entertainers.It is affiliated with other bureau's through Australia and Internationally.
  • Speaker Resource Center
    Chicago-based speakers bureau offers an online order form that is easy to use and a short review of tips to use in selecting professional speakers.
  • Executive Speakers Bureau
    Based in Memphis it provides a national speaker and midsouth speakers list with short well done descriptions.This web site offers a speakers request form.
  • National Speakers Bureau
    Leading agency offers a straight forward approach to top speakers.Well established 20 year old National Speakers Bureau, includes monthly features under reports. Also offers public relations and event production services from Contemporary Communications Ltd.
  • Royce Carlton
    New York City based Royce Carlton offers a variety of top authors and speakers.Well established agency exclusively represents some of the nation's leading science,academic,media,business,and entertainment personalities.The site includes a helpful description of each speaker and a conference speakers request form.
  • David Lavin Agency
    Major Canadian speakers bureau has recently merged with Boston based Quest Agency.Nice additions with expanded biographies of speakers. Includes helpful articles and related resources. Emphasizes is on lecture agent consulting services.A site to watch.
  • Premiere Speakers Bureau
    From Nashville, this site has a selection of speakers in different categories and includes a helpful group of speakers on faith and family. Check out the backstage pass page for tips and follow up resources.
  • Keppler Associates
    National list of speakers with helpful tips from the pros provide helpful services for association and college meeting planners. The site descibes benefits of working with this well established agency and offers an online speakers request form.
  • Speakers Online
    The first web site to provide home pages for speakers bureaus.The site continues to expand and offers listing of speakers by fee, range, topic, and location. Searchable database includes short video clips of speakers.
  • Great Speakers!
    High quality and effective service with quick response from California speakers agency.Offers exclusive speakers and provides national and international speakers.
  • The Harry Walker Speakers Bureau
    Well established agency, with over 50 years experience exclusively representing former heads of state, nobel laureates,prominent entertainers, journalism's biggest names,and best-selling authors.Nicely designed site.
  • Leigh Bureau
    One of the most impressive list of speakers in the world, Americas oldest bureau offers an effective site with useful and helpful descriptions of speakers.The A-Z speakers index by itself is worth a look arround.
  • Eagles Talent Agency
    With twenty years of in-depth experience, Eagles Talent Agency offers quick access to any speaker or entertainment act in the world. This is a helpful site with practical information and is another site that is worth the look around.
  • Speakers Bureau Unlimited
    SBU provides educational seminars and keynote speakers with professional attention and detail to achieve client success.
  • 4 Speakers
    4Speakers web site based in Palm Springs,California's is one of the best.It offers a ten-step program for getting started,and lists 100 reason to work with The Agency.Provides a toll free number and short list of speakers. This site takes a useful approach that reflects its 25 years of experience.
  • The All-Star Agency
    Speakers agency features professional speakers and well known entertainment celebrties.Offers a side bar cartoon to help select services and agency resources.
  • Nationwide Speakers Bureau
    Speakers agency from Southern California offers a wide selection of speakers and entertainers for managed events and meetings.Site is updated with a monthly new speakers feature,newsletters and speaker hall of fame.
  • Agricultural Speakers Network
    ASN is a clean well designed site headed by the youngest former president of IGAB. It offers meeting planner tips,and a downlodable Adobe Acrobat Newsletter on speaker and event ideas.A good site to check out and one that is on the right track.
  • Association of Space Explorers Speakers Bureau
    The ASES Bureau provides access to speakers with a view from above,by someone who's been there. This is a site for retired astronauts as celebrities speakers,some pages seem pretty heavy on pictures, however the list of members will amaze you.
  • Charisma Productions
    Speakers bureau headed by former professional meeting planner. Site offers short and helpful descriptions of well known professional speakers as well as tips on how to work with a bureau.
  • Speaker Services
    Based in Los Angles it offers an on-line version of a resource directory called:Speaker Services.The focus is on speakers,consultants & entertainment services.Well done request from for speakers.
  • Guestfinder
    This site helps locate special guest speakers,and experts for the media. Developing resources should be useful for events and conferences.
  • IGAB
    IGAB is the major association of lecture bureaus and agencies which actively engage in the placement of speakers.This site offers useful links to regional USA members and international agent members,however some news and resouce links are still under construction.
  • SpeakOut
    A very useful resource, it promotes speakers on critical and imaginative thinking about domestic and international issues. Offers information on schedules, short bios and topics for speakers on lecture tours. A helpful and well designed site.
  • Speakers Spotlight
    Another useful and well done site.Canadian speakers bureau with focused information on business authors and speakers available for worldwide meetings.
  • Gold Stars Speakers Bureau
    Arizona based agency helps you find the right speaker for meetings,managed events and conventions.On line form helps identify needs for speakers and topics.
  • Speakers Platform
    A leading resource for meeting planners to find speakers, read articles, browse products and check out a review of great speakers. Includes an evaluation process for naming top speakers, and a national seminar finder service.
  • Dick Hall Productions,Inc.
    Former MPI president provides an upbeat resource for entertainment, speakers, special events, and celebrity endorsements, for the meeting convention, trade show and casino markets.Helpful list of top professional speakers.
  • Seminar finders
    Expanding service that's being updated with information to help you find professional seminars in the United States. A welcome direct resource. Accepted providers can add seminar information at no charge.
  • Greater Talent
    New York City based agency offers a top name celebrity addressing today's hottest issues.Includes a list of national named speakers with helpful categories, and offers a chance to win a prize for the best question.
  • Keynote Speakers Inc
    Background infomation from agency brochure lists services.A link to one of ther favorite speakers shows promise.
  • The Noble Internet Directories
    This site is not a speakers bureau, but it uses a search engine that has speakers that have advertised in topics and areas of expertise. The site is active and useful, but is limited to speakers, authors and consultants that have subscribed.
  • The Expertise Center
    Another site that is not a bureau,but offers services for speakers to showcase there work with real-audio,a searchable database, for consultants and speakers online, and self registering forums. Useful concept of services for speakers and meeting planners.
  • Walters International Speakers Bureau
    This site is an asset for services to speakers, includes products, magazine articles and platform tools for hiring and training professional speakers. A helpful site that is on the right track.
  • American Program Bureau
    Established Boston based speakers bureau provides lists of speakers in several categories. Includes helpful category on diversity speakers.
  • American Speakers Bureau
    Orlando,Florida based ASB has an updated look and style.Helpful links to bios on speakers,entertainers,includes resources to products and services for meeting planners and speakers.
  • Leading Authorities: America's Best Speakers and Entertainment
    This is a major agency that has a colorful site of top speakers and entertainers with audio preview tapes. Includes tips from meeting consultants and Voices of America newsletter. Washington based speakers agency with expertise and a helpful catalogue.
    This site has helpful resources for booking speakers and also offers creative services to speakers to develope showcase marketing materials.Includes useful information for meeting planners and professional speakers.
  • Speakers Plus
    With Virgina and Florida locations,Speakers Plus offers professional speaker information,includes a list of top name speakers.
  • Pinnacle Mountain Speakers Bureau
    Located in Calgary,Alberta Pinnacle Mountain is a helpful site with updates on news and events of speakers.It offers a book buying service on speaker books and tapes and hosts a speaker showcase with the local chapter of MPI.
  • SPEAKINC Speakers Bureau
    SPEAKINC operates an easy to use web site with a focused list of non-exclusive speakers.Employee owned and operated from San Diego it provides an online request form for speakers and 24 hour paging number.
  • Barber&Associates
    Nicley focused entertainment brokers site offers several categories of entertainers and public speakers.Includes a speaker request form with a wide list of top celebrity and motivational speakers.Based in Knoxville,TN .
  • Conference Speakers International
    From South Africa and titled, Speakers of Substance, this bureau includes a short helpful description of speakers,trainers and celebrities in different categorys.This web site offers a conference speakers request form.
  • Convention Connection
    Easy to use site with a establshed list of public speakers and a nice search engine.Based in Southern California and headed by a top motivaltional speaker this is a practical resource for finding speakers and entertainers.
  • Capitol City Speakers Bureau
    Promotes an annual showcase of speakers and trainers in the US mid west.The site has clear descriptions of featured speakers, and includes a certified meeting planner services,This is an easy and helpful site to use.
  • Speakers Direct
    Nicely done web site with loads of helpful information. It offers to make direct booking of speakers easy and practical. The terms and conditions page and speaker bios pages are worth a look around. The service being offered could help change the way speakers and meeting planners work.
  • Speaker Booking Service
    This site starts with a snazzy picture of Malibu Beach free newsletter and an impressive list of speakers. Based in Southern California this one has a lot going on. The site specializes in motivational & business speakers, authors, political & sports figures as well as celebrities.
  • AccessToExperts
    Miami's new web site, Access to Experts has an easy approach to reviewing speakers,trainers and experts in management, sales and marketing. This web site reflects a helpful style of getting information that is focused on corporate training programs.
  • Saxtons'Speakers Bureau
    In combination with the Harry M Miller Speakers Bureau, offers an upbeat list of exclusive Australian business speakers and authors. Includes recent news on meetings and conferences.
  • American Entertainment International
    American Entertainment International, based in Boston has an updated , fast loading web site that offers a speaker request form, legal disclaimer, and access to professional staff to help select speakers and entertainers.
  • MCP Talent
    Based in Saskatoon, Canada MCP Talent is an easy to use, nicely designed site that loads quickly and offers a list of speakers, entertainers and comedians. Includes a helpful mix of both Canadian and US talent.
  • Damon Brooks Associates
    Damon Brooks Associates is an established speakers bureau that exclusively presents individuals who have a disability and speak and entertain professionally. This is a helpful site that offers a speaker request form and updated newsletter. Worth a look around.
  • Jillie Bushell Associates
    Jillie Bushell Associates is a corporate entertainment agency based in London. This one has a snappy style and easy to use web site that offers a fresh upbeat look at speakers and entertainers. This is a site to watch!
  • The Speakers Bureau
    Easy to use web site focused on top name speakers and less well known experts.The home page has a nicely done color scheme and each category link provides direct information on speakers.

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